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I need to rant [Nov. 7th, 2007|11:01 am]
Ok, so dating fucking SUCKS. Wait, actually, trying to meet people to date, fucking SUCKS. There's this one guy that works day shift at my cvs, kinda cute, seems really sweet ... was trying to see if he might be datable. He's into skinny chics. That is number 3 in the last few months that I was pre - rejected by, right off the bat, cause I'm too fat. WTF! Why are all of these guys so god damned superficial. Are there any available guys left that don't mind a little meat on a girls bones? I've been told I have a pretty face, I have big tits, I'm not badly proportioned... I'm just thick. Is that so bad? Does that automatically make me ugly? I'm not even all that big!
I'm just lonely, and bored, and lonely. I'd love a relationship but just someone to have some fun with would be great. It's been long enough since I left my ex. I'm ready for something new and exciting. Does anyone know any decent, non-superficial, available men in the area?

[User Picture]From: dj_blackrock
2007-11-09 07:07 am (UTC)
Decent, non-superficial, available... in the area... no.

... but if you came back... (there's no "people's eyebrow" smiley)

Don't let bags of douche make you feel bad. There isn't a goddamned thing wrong with a little meat on your bones. I've been with skinny girls, and I've been with big girls. For preference, I'd go for the big girl every time. Granted, you don't look like a supermodel, but think about this, most supermodels are vacant and dumb. Plus, they can't enjoy a cheeseburger.

Yes you're a bigger girl. Thick if you like. But if you think that makes you ugly, then I have to call you dumb (no offense, you know I love you).
Don't fall for the Cosmo image of beauty. Look at the list of editors. How many women are on it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Not a damn thing wrong with being big, so long as you're happy and comfortable.
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